00 Awakening01 The Lady-in-Waiting02 First Morning's Light03 Bluebirds04 Queen, Attendants, Invitations05 Guardians of the Tiara06 Arrival of the Fairies07 Fairy of the Crystal Fountain08 Fairy of the Golden Vine09 Fairy of the Pink Moon10 Fairy of the Emerald Forest11 The Lilac Fairy12 Fairies-Coda13 Carabosse's Curse14 Lilac Fairy's Blessing15 Aurora's Dream16 Castle Page Chasing Butterflies17 Grand Entree18 Children of the Court19 The Birthday Cake20 Gifts of Royal Jewels21 Dance of Aurora's Friends22 Aurora's Variation23 Bouquet of Roses24 The Curse Fulfilled25 The Kingdom Sleeps26 Prince Desire Crosses the Magic Stream27 Entrance of Prince and Duchess28 Wild Foxes29 Interlude30 Entourage of the Duchess31 Pas de Deux32 Enchanted Wildflowers33 Garland Waltz34 The Duchess Departs35 The Vision36 Brambles37 Sleeping Beauty Awakens38 Wedding March39 Flower Girls40 Dance of the Wedding Guests41 The Bluebirds42 Wedding Bonbons43 Wedding Processional44 Wedding Pas de Deux45 Mazurka46 Apotheosis