01 Lord Wilson02 Caravan03 Selkhet04 Sandstorm05 Hieroglyphs06 Quail Chicks07 Scarabs08 Sarcophagus09 Gazelles10 Lion Cubs11 Archers12 Aspicia and Taor13 Stars14 Servant Girls15 Pharaoh Enters16 Kittens17 Moon-Disc18 Palms19 Bastet20 Hathor21 Isis22 Taor Offends the Goddesses23 Judgment on Taor24 Wadjet25 Children of the Fishing Village26 River Goddesses27 Minnows28 Nile Nymphs29 Priestesses of Nekhbet30 Papyrus31 Royal Jewelers32 Musicians33 Meretseger34 Aspicia and the Cobra35 Pharaoh’s Blessing36 Flocks of the Sky37 Lotus Dancer38 Lotus Blossoms39 Wedding Dance40 Pharaoh’s Court41 Lord Wilson Awakens99 Miscellaneous