Mike Nyman Photography, LLC | Don Quixote

00 Adjustable Wrench01 Prologue01a Don Quixote01b Sancho Panza01c Dulcinea02 Goose Girls03 Children of Tobosco04 Exotic Bird Market05 Kitri and Basilio05a Kitri05b Basilio05c Lorenzo06 Pinatas07 Friends of Kitri08 Sunflower Sellers09 Mercedes-Dryad Queen10 Andalusians11 Street Dancers and Espada12 Gamache13 Temptation of the Gold Escudos14 Saffron Gatherers15 Woodland Nymphs16 Gypsies16a Gypsy Queen-Cupid17 Little Dapples18 Sangria19 Castanets20 Pulchinella Troupe21 Windmills22 Don Quixotes Dream23 Dream Variations24 Zarzuelas25 Orange Blossoms of Seville26 Lorenzo and Gamache27 Fan Dancers28 Gifts of Majolica29 Kitri's Bridesmaids30 Olive Tapenade31 Tapas32 Paella33 Marzipan Flan34 Grand Pas de Deux35 Finale